Research shows that many people thinking about suicide experience both helpful and unhelpful interactions and reactions from both professionals and those in their community. Up to two-thirds indicated this as being the biggest hindrance to their recovery. Conversely having access to good professional support and treatments was the most helpful factor.

Suicide is a complex issue and requires the education of our healthcare providers, individuals, families and whole communities to gain the necessary skills to work together to reduce the rate of suicide in our families and communities.

We are taking measures to reduce the number of suicides with our extensively researched and evidence-based programs CALM suicide awareness skills and CALM suicide intervention skills.

We are very aware of the need for age-appropriate, community-specific and culturally sensitive delivery needs and so our programs can be customised to meet the specific needs of any group in Australia whether they be:

  • corporate or community organisations;
  • metropolitan or rural communities;
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities;
  • LGBTI; youth or first responders.

Our programs are delivered by qualified and experienced facilitators. All of our trainers have worked in suicide intervention and have a lived experience of suicide either in their personal or professional lives. Our voice of education in suicide is embodied in a safe, inclusive and supported environment.

We are focused on empowering people to readily open a conversation with anyone that isn’t coping and feels hopeless and helpless. Through conversation we envisage people connecting with others, asking about suicidal thoughts or ideation, and supporting them to find hope. Our awareness and intervention programs will increase confidence and an ability to engage with those in need of help. They will also provide information of local service providers who can assist with additional support and care for the person in need.

We believe everyone has a role to play in understanding, preventing and responding to suicidal thoughts, ideation and behaviour. The CALM suicide education program is specifically designed to provide you with the the skills to know what to say and what to do when someone may be thinking about suicide and it will help to have that conversation.