Become and accredited CALM and CALM Care trainer and empower others to recognise and respond to suicide.

The CALM 1-day workshop is a one day workshop that teaches four key actions: Connect, Ask, Listen, Monitor to build confidence, knowledge and skills that will enable participants to start a positive, and potentially life-saving conversation about suicide. This program equips and empowers participants to recognise and respond to suicide risk, and to support someone through stages of positive intervention, the development of a safety plan, and linking to other services for further help.

Participants will be empowered with practical skills and resources, and given the confidence to remain calm. It will also give participants the resources (including two apps) to develop a safety plan and then link them into services or supports post their conversation if required.  Participants receive a 24-page workbook and wallet card with the CALM model that guides them through the conversation and provides examples of what to say or ask at any given stage of the conversation including a list of National Helplines and Websites in Australia. The most popular and innovative resource is the ‘Be Calm’ app for the person providing the intervention and the ‘Be Safe’ app for the person with suicide ideation.

The CALM Care half-day program is aimed at reducing stigma and enabling help seeking behaviour. It acknowledge and normalises the fear or reluctance to start a conversation or ask somebody about thoughts of suicide.  It shares how to overcome this fear when warning signs are apparent, and how to provide a smooth transition to further support for the person needing care. Participants receive an information booklet and access to the app Calm Care for immediate support links for the person they are working with.

The CALM  training programs are delivered in a supportive, respectful and inclusive environment, accepting each individual’s differences, with consideration and adaptation for their culturally diverse needs.

Is CALM an evidence-based program?

CALM was launched in April 2018; over 1,000 people have now attended a CALM workshop and during 2019 an independent evaluation was undertaken by ‘Science of Knowing”. Results from the post-training survey revealed a 97% level of satisfaction – these results were very affirming and far exceeded expectations. This evidence-based report titled “CALM Evaluation Report 2020’ is available for download on the website at this link: (scroll half way down the page)

Who delivers the T4T training?

The founders and developers of the CALM programs deliver the Train the Trainer. Detailed information about their extensive 20 plus years of experience and their background is detailed on the website at this link:

What does the T4T involve?

The T4T is effectively delivered over a 4-day period. This ensures that all participants understand the theories, principles and models that underpin CALM and the CALM Care programs; fully grasp and are able to demonstrate their ability to explain and use the CALM model of intervention as well as raise awareness, and lastly to gain confidence in their ability to competently deliver these programs to their audiences.

Day 1– The CALM one-day program will be delivered in its entirety to give you a view of the one day presentation from a participants perspective and provide reflection and feedback.

Day 2– Each component of the model will be explained and explored in full detail covering the evidence and practice theories that underpins and informs the model. The afternoon focuses on the organising, planning, preparation and presentation of a CALM workshop.

Day 3– Each participant will have the opportunity to practice and present a section of the program to ensure they have understood the intent and delivery method of the CALM model as well as enabling them to gain confidence in their presentation styles.

Day 4– The CALM Care half-day program will be delivered in its entirety to provide a comprehensive overview. The difference between programs, evidence and delivery will be outlined. Participants will have the opportunity to practice and present a section of the CALM Care program in the afternoon of day 4.

What do T4T participants receive?

On successful completion, T4T participants receive a certificate of accreditation as a CALM and CALM Care trainer, a full kit of resources to equip them for their training role, these include: – printed trainer manuals for both CALM and CALM Care with comprehensive training notes, and a detailed guide of preparing for a workshop, full access to all three apps (Be Safe, Be Calm and Calm Care), a CALM USB with trainer PowerPoints, video demonstrations for different cohorts, role-play scenarios, bookings spreadsheet, attendance templates, certificate templates, ice breaker cards, safety plan template, burn-out scale, email template with pre-reading material, posters, flyers, logos, and a CALM T-shirt.

Dates and Locations for 2020:

– BRISBANE May 25, 26, 27, 28

– SYDNEY August 4, 5, 6, 7

– MELBOURNE September 1, 2, 3, 4

– ADELAIDE October 13, 14, 15, 16

(Venues to be advised at a later date – if your workplace offers their training venue for the T4T we shall be pleased to negotiate a discounted rate for you to attend)

Are placements for the T4T limited?

We limit the T4T workshops to x15 participants to ensure full engagement with each participant.

How much is the fee to become a CALM trainer?

Early bird rate is $2500* if your application is accepted and you book and pay 30 days prior to the start date, after this date the regular fee is $2,750*. (Payment instalments can be negotiated). (*+ 10% GST)

Attending the first 3 days T4T to become a CALM trainer only, and not a CALM Care trainer is an option, and the fee for this is $2500*. The recommended retail price per participant for CALM is $275, and many new trainers find they recover the full T4T fee from their first training delivery.

What are the ongoing terms?

– Trainers will be required to deliver a minimum of two sessions of both programs in the following 12-month period, and they will be required to sign a license to this effect. It is recommended that you plan and complete your first CALM workshop within the first few months of attending the T4T to ensure retention of the one-day presentation.

– Trainers are expected and required to maintain the fidelity of the program with acceptable flexibility for varying cultural considerations.

– Trainers will be required to register each training session with CALM Consulting Pty Ltd. All participant materials will be available for purchase from CALM Consulting Pty Ltd.

– When training 15 participants (or less) in the one-day program the training may be presented by 1 trainer, however with 15-25 participants it is recommended that two trainers are present to provide additional support and enhance the learning experience of participants. The recommended minimum number for a workshop is 9 participants.

Post the T4T, what ongoing support is provided?

– Directors and senior staff are available either by teleconference, telephone or email to provide support and assistance with your role as a CALM trainer. Constructive feedback is given from the trainers report submitted at the completion of every training delivered.
– All workshop enquiries received by Calm Consulting will be forwarded to accredited trainers in the geographical area requested.

Do you provide promotion and marketing?

A comprehensive range of marketing materials are provided when you complete the training. We also share our marketing ‘secrets’ and strategies proven to bring results and fill venues, to ensure you have a head start when you begin your journey as a CALM trainer.

Where do I go to get more information about this program?

Additional information is available on our website at alternatively you can email or call to have any questions answered. We believe It’s important to make an informed decision about something as important as a commitment to training in this sensitive yet vial area of suicide.

What is my next step if I am interested?

Email an expression of interest with your contact number and location (state/suburb), and we shall send you an application form with the selection criteria to be completed, signed and submitted. All applications will be assessed by us, and you will be advised of the outcome. We will be limiting the number of trainers from each area and suggest you send your application in early to avoid disappointment.


“Mel and Sandi are dedicated, passionate and inspiring. I could not commend them highly enough and would like to thank them both sincerely. I have no doubt this program has and will save lives and make a positive difference to the community”

“The information and resources provided to me completing the CALM T4T training, equipped me to be able to deliver high quality, evidence based education to my community. The ongoing support delivered by the CALM directors has increased my confidence to deliver training and ensured a high standard of education is provided every time.” (Mission Australia)

“Thank you Mel & Sandy – great training. Really enjoyed your passion, enthusiasm, incredible knowledge and delivery styles and the way you worked together. Awesome” (MHFA Trainer)

“CALM Train the Trainer equipped me with the confidence and skill to deliver the training.  Sandra and Melanie ensured that we had a thorough understanding of suicide and the purpose behind the activities in the training. Our staff consistently rate CALM and CALM Care as the most effective and person-centred suicide training they have attended.  The courses successfully draw upon a range of learning strategies so that staff feel comfortable and confident in their ability to respond to suicide. CALM and CALM Care training allows us to provide a safe learning space that values lived experience, which is critical in our work.  I highly recommend this course”. (Richmond Fellowship Queensland)